About the working with us podcast

The working with us podcast is a podcast by global business strategist Paul Arnesen, created to learn and educate professionals, businesses and others about how it is to work with people from different nationalities.

As the world has become ever more globalised in the last decades, and the previous few years with the rise in remote work, the knowledge and understanding of how to work more efficiently in global teams is more critical than ever.

Established companies need to re-educate themselves as they welcome a new generation with a global mindset, and there are new start-up companies with global dominance as their goal. An often forgotten aspect of international expansion is knowledge and experience in working with someone different from their work culture.

By listening to the interviews on the Working With Us podcast, we hope to give you an easy and digestible way of learning about other cultures' work habits and cultural quirks.

In addition, we hope you use it for your knowledge and to educate your global teams.

Have a great listen!

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