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For people, businesses, or anyone who wants to learn more about working and living across cultures.

Discover the hidden factors that shape how we can more efficiently work together across cultures in a modern work where boundaries do not exist. The "working with us" podcast aims to help companies and individuals better understand how it is to work with individuals from specific cultures by speaking to work culture experts and people native to that work & culture.

The Working With Us podcast is part of the Global Workplace project.

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Working with the Danish with Annette Dahl

In the realm of international work culture, the Danes have something quite extraordinary going on. Think work-life balance that actually balances, a pragmatism that solves problems before they even arise, and an egalitarian ethos that runs deep. Yes, every cross-cultural seminar you've been to probably touched on this. But what sets this one apart? An exclusive sit-down with Annette Dahl, a Danish native and a leading voice in Cultural Intelligence and Diversity Training.

Our conversation goes beyond the surface, unearthing nuances and subtleties in Danish work culture that are often overlooked. This isn't just another lecture; it's a comprehensive look into the hows and whys of working with people from Denmark.

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